Workshop Theme

Engaging the audience has always been of fundamental importance to the creative sector (performing and visual arts, video games, film, interactive narrative etc). Media producers, publishers and content providers are starting to use interactive technologies to involve audiences in the creative process — constructing audience journeys, and exploiting the potential of co-creation and crowd-sourced innovation. So design is central to engaging audiences. What are the best methods and processes for designing and evaluating audience engagement?

This workshop adopts an interdisciplinary approach to identify design strategies for audience engagement.

We are calling for position papers investigating, but not restricted to topics and questions such as:

  • What is audience engagement and what are its goals?
  • What design processes are appropriate for audience engagement?
  • What contextual, cultural and ethical parameters should we consider when designing for audience engagement?
  • Can audience engagement be evaluated and if so, which are the strategies that can be effectively employed?

We welcome contributions in:

  • Original practical research and empirical studies
  • Critical essays that explore design for audience engagement
  • Models, methods and frameworks for designing and evaluating audience engagement
  • New technologies and platforms built for this purpose

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